Unconscious Bias Training

Learn how to look beyond the bias

We all have unconscious bias, but we need to look beyond it to tap into our team’s diverse talents.

In this dynamic training, learn how to minimise the impact of bias to build better team relationships – and improve participation and performance.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop an understanding of unconscious bias.
  • Identify and address bias ‘hot spots’.
  • Identify strategies to minimise its impact.

What this training covers

Unconscious bias exists outside our awareness. Despite our best efforts to be fair and transparent, it can unconsciously influence our decision-making.

See how to create a more participatory, positive team culture. Plus, build your team’s awareness, knowledge and capability to uncover, highlight and minimise unconscious bias.

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Clients & Results

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Training modules

  • What unconscious bias is – and why it matters
  • What we see vs. what is fact
  • Understanding identity – a practical model
  • Group norms and participation
  • Expanding comfort zones
  • Minimising bias hotspots

What our participants say

“The insight into why and how Australians communicate the way they do in Asia and the self-adjustment required to be effective was really helpful. I will stop and think about my communication style as a result.”
Aidan Gregson , Dupont