Where in the World is my Team? by Terence Brake

Terrence Brake is President-Americas of our Strategic Alliance Partner TMA World. In his latest book, Terry explores the realities, challenges and opportunities provided by virtual global teams. The book is not your standard boring business book. Rather, I would describe it as a cross between Bridget Jones Diary and a global teams business guide. The reader follows the story of Will Williams, a staff member in ‘the Funhouse’ an online gaming company as he is tasked by his Managing Director with preparing her to speak on ‘the new world of work’ for a TV interview. The book explores key elements of global and virtual team performance also utilising Will’s experience and life story to demonstrate key points. It finishes with a concise summary of Terry’s findings and models for effectiveness when working in a global, virtual team environment.  This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the globalisation process and organisational design; cross-cultural management; global leadership; global strategy development; transnational teamwork; and futures thinking.

Click on the link below to watch a brief video overview of the core concepts of the book by Terry


Cyburbia by James Harkin

A fascinating and sometimes chilling look at the new connectivity and of the space so many of us inhabit – Cyburbia. This book explores how we are connected to data flows, and how these flows can be utilised to generate mass movements, influence, lobby and explain the new face of global terrorism.  The author analyses the the pioneering cybernetics movements, the principle of information loops and network theory.  A particularly interesting chapter challenges the famous 6 degrees of separation theory.

China Cuckoo: How I lost a fortune and found a life in China by Mark Kitto

Tom Parker recommends this book and will be organising an event for Mark to speak in Melbourne – we’ll let you know when. Mark Kitto was once described as a ‘mini media-mogul’ in China. When his business was seized by the Communist Party he did a mountain-change in China. His tale is a fascinating one of traversing the space from expat to more seasoned insider.