Sangeeta Pilger

Sangeeta is a highly experienced Trainer, Executive Coach and accredited Workplace Mediator specialising in workplace performance and effective workplace relationships. With over 20 years of public and private sector experience, Sangeeta has over 1300 hours of coaching experience and has been awarded Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her areas of expertise include: leadership development, inclusive leadership, cultural capability, unconscious bias. coaching and mentoring, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, time management, resilience, assertiveness and self care strategies.

Sangeeta is the author of the Amazon Best Seller ‘In The Moment Coaching For Leaders: Quick and Effective Strategies to Inspire, Connect and Excel’. Sangeeta recognises the need for actions to be realistic and sustainable and applies behavioural insights to achieve this end. She also helps people to move outside their comfort zone, to grow and develop, and to know and leverage their strengths. As a former Executive in the Public Sector, Sangeeta led the implementation of a coaching culture in Centrelink, a program recognised by an AHRI Award for People Management Initiative of the Year. Sangeeta holds a Master of Business Coaching, Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and BA in Psychology.

Sangeeta Pilger
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