Recently I was invited as one of 150 leaders to participate in the Crawford Leadership Forum, “Global Realities, Domestic Choices: Responding to a Digitalising, Deglobalising, Post-truth world.”

The forum was a jam-packed 48 hours of discussion on the themes which are shaping our world and the implications for the organisations we lead, particularly focussing on appropriate public policy responses to some of the most difficult economic, security and social problems facing the world in general, and Australia in particular.

Some highlights for me were discussions with:

  • Parag Khanna. Global Futurist. His book ‘Connectography’ is a must read for any leader working across borders.
  • Linda Jakobsen. China Specialist. Her latest book ‘China Matters’ essential reading for Australians engaging in the region.
  • Peter Yu, CEO, Yawuru, one of the largest cattle stations in northern Australia owned and managed by traditional land owners.
  • George Yeo, Former Singaporean Foreign Minister talking about how Singapore manages relationships with China and what Australia could learn.

Some of the extraordinary speakers and participants included Helen Clarke, former NZ PM who spoke of her run for UN Secretary General; and Australian Senator Penny Wong and Laura Tingle, Journalist and Author, discussing the future and what they see as Australia’s role in this new global marketplace.

One of the key themes which emerged from almost all sessions was the radical disruption occurring in our workplaces – the impact of Artificial Intelligence, globalisation of supply chain, global labour mobility, and a reshaping of the world’s power and economic power relationships.

I was struck by the extent to which Inclusive Leadership – leadership which is adaptive, agile, and taps into the diversity of globally connected and diverse workforces – is radically increasing in importance.

Late last year I wrote about our Inclusive Leadership Program and some of the feedback participants shared with us about their experiences, expectations and what they will now do differently as a result of their learning.

Videos and resources from the 2017 Crawford Forum are now publicly available.

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