Peter Speldewinde

Peter has worked and travelled extensively as a consultant to governments in the Middle-East, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Tonga, Tuvalu and Cook Islands, conducting extensive consultations with government and non-government stakeholders. Key projects have included reviewing Immigration policy, redesigning Immigration, Passports and Labour legislation, and developing a suite of border management procedures for the Pacific Immigration Development Community.

Peter has led Australian delegations to high-level UN international fora in Europe and Asia, including the Executive Committee of the UNHCR in Geneva and ESCAP, and the Trans-Atlantic Conference on Migration. For three years he was the senior Australian representative to the Pacific Immigration Directors Conference. Peter’s extensive consultation and relationship management experience also includes Commonwealth departments, Australian State and local governments, private enterprise, the union movement, academia, and international organisations.

Peter is a past chair of the Business Mobility Group of APEC and he has convened and run a series of workshops in the Middle-East involving the heads of mission of UNHCR and IOM and representatives of other refugee receiving countries to facilitate improved targeting of refugee groups of interest and better coordination of assessment processes.

Peter is one of Beasley Intercultural’s senior consultants delivering programs for the Department of Defence, and his qualifications include Bachelor of Public Administration (majors in Law and Economics), Murdoch University, WA.

Peter Speldewinde
Peter Speldewinde
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