Tom Parker and I are gearing up to deliver a series of 15 training workshops to networks of over 220 parents from around Australia in 2012 focusing on the why and how of Asia literacy.  The project will establish a network of parents who can work collaboratively with school leaders to build student demand for knowledge, skills and understanding of Asia and increase opportunities for them to be exposed to high quality and sustainable teaching programs.

Click here to listen to project leader Ian Dalton, and BI Consultant Tom Parker discuss the project on ABC Life Matters.

As parents of school age children, Tom and I, are deeply committed to Asia literacy in our schools, and concerned about the lack of momentum on this issue.  In Australia, Asia focused curriculum content and language competencies are both really important.  It’s vital our children understand the geographic region they live in; are well rounded individuals who thrive in the diverse cultures of Australia; and have the requisite skills and knowledge to be global citizens.

Parents play an important role in the subject choices of their children, and have the capacity to influence important choices in their local communities and schools regarding Asia literacy.  In recognition of the role of parents, this exciting new program is funded by the Department of Education and Workplace Relations to build parent understanding and advocacy for Asia literacy.  A consortium of providers consisting of Beasley Intercultural, the Asia Education Foundation,  the Australian Parents Council, The Australian Council of State School Organisations, the Family School & Community Partnerships Bureau,  and Erebus are working together to design and deliver the program.

To find out more or register your interest at the project website click here.