Matilda Emberson

Matilda is a Senior Consultant with extensive experience in enabling workplace performance through the development and delivery of customised staff development programmes. With over 3,000 hours of executive coaching across the public, private and not for profit sectors Matilda brings extensive experience in enhancing leadership effectiveness and career progression. Having migrated to Australia from Fiji in her late teens and lived and worked in several countries, Matilda enjoys working with people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Matilda was a posted officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade until 2004. Her current and recent projects include developing a strategic plan to guide the implementation of Economic Diplomacy in Mauritius, consulting to the Australian Water Partnership, a not-for-profit charged with enhancing sustainable water resource management in the Indo Pacific region, delivering change management services in an Australian Diplomatic Mission and advising the board of a Canberra-based Mental Health Education community organisation.

Her qualifications include a Master of Management, from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours. She holds multiple accreditations in coaching and professional development tools and is a member of the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Mental Health.

Matilda Emberson
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