In 2016, participants from Australia and 15 countries across Europe, Asia and South America participated in the Beasley Intercultural Inclusive Leadership program. Many of our global participants engaged in the fully online program which includes a diagnostic, six eLearning modules and application of learning to real-life scenarios and project work.  In Australia, we delivered blended programs incorporating face-to-face workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  Participant feedback was fascinating and highlighted the impact the program continues to have.

What was your experience of the program?

“One of the essential programs for an organization with global operations. The well structured programs unveils the fine nuances of inclusive leadership, through case study, videos & briefing.”

“Even if you think you are a Leader this Program will provide you with an opportunity to step back and ensure you consider all the aspects.”

“The program goes beyond age and culture and gives you practical ways to deal with many sorts of challenges encountered when managing a team of diverse people.”

What do you expect will be the implications for your team and their performance?

“I expect the team’s performance to be higher, as we will be fully leveraging people’s potential.”

“Improved participation and engagement.”

 What will you do differently?

“I’ve started listening more and talking less. I’ve also started to encourage the quiet team members to speak up at team meetings.”

 “I’m committed to being more open and accepting.”

 “Being open towards people, ensure every team member is and feels included.”

Thank you to all of our wonderful participants in 2016. We will keep in touch as you continue your Inclusive Leadership journey.