My name is Emilia and I’m first ever BI intern. I’m finishing my Masters in Communication in the University of Jyvaskyla, which is in Finland where I come from.

It’s been exciting time for me; I have been in Australia only for few weeks. I started my first workday by watching the whales while waiting for the bus on Monday morning. That was a great start of the week and an amazing start for my internship at Beasley Intercultural in Sydney.

I had an idea that in Australia the working culture is relaxed and so far my smooth start at Beasley has been proving that. I spent the first days reading and going through what BI team has done recently, the same time my task was to update the BI Blog.

After working on the Blog I have been analyzing and resuming some of the Intercultural Essentials -training feedback. I went through feedback that about 1000 participants had written. It was interesting to read what the clients had thought about the training. Some of them said that their awareness of cultural issues grew and that now they are thinking out of the box. I’m impatiently waiting to grow awareness of Australian culture, while working at BI! :)

At the same time, I have been reading Hofstede’s book Cultures and Organizations – Software of the Mind. Since I have been interested in intercultural communication while doing my Masters degree, I was already familiar with the cultural dimensions. Although by reading more of Hofstede’s work each of the dimensions got so much deeper and I could understand much more why we humans are so different.

The most interesting day so far has been Monday last week. It was my first chance to go to see one of the workshops that Tamerlaine is facilitating. I was supposed to take notes in the training, but since it was so interesting, I spent my time just listening, learning and enjoying. Also it was interesting to watch the participants and their reactions to the activities that we did. Overall, the training was fascinating and it was nice to know how the trainings are facilitated.

Monday’s workshop we learnt about Comfort-, Learning- and Panic Zones. Afterwards, I have been thinking about the Zones and I’ve been wondering am I in a Learning Zone or in a Panic Zone right now? I mean definitely I’m learning new stuff in every minute that I spend here, but sometimes I feel a hint of panic because I’m Down Under! :)


Whale photo by: puttpoke