The last three months have passed so fast. My BI internship has come to the end. I have learned heaps of new things during this time at BI. I am ‘interculturally trained’, since I have taken part in so many BI workshops, while documenting them. Trust me, every single one has been interesting and raised my awareness a lot.

I think one of the many great things I learned, is the SURF model:

Stop and suspend judgement

Use your observation skills

Recognize and respect difference

Find common ground.

I think this model is great when you are experiencing cultural differences: either at home or abroad.  I use the model with the different people I meet, when I am unaware of their culture, for example sometimes with Aussies.

Getting to know culture or language is interesting and exciting process.  It’s the same thing than trying to learn to surf.  I have been really unfamiliar with surfing, since I have never lived near the beach and since all the sports that I do are related to snow, not ocean and waves! No matter how hard I try, there are always the waves that I won’t catch, but I just keep on trying and trying. It’s kind of the same thing when for example going abroad or working with people from different countries: no matter how well you think you understand the cultural differences, there is always something that you can’t understand. But when you keep going and trying you always learn more.

In the first blog post I was wondering am I in the ‘panic zone’? Well, now I can tell you, I’m definitely not in the panic zone.   I have been in the learning zone for a long time and I’m fully enjoying it. I have been learning bunch of different things, that I can use the rest of my life.

It’s been great to work for this team, thanks BI team for this good opportunity. Now, I’ll start new projects; including writing my Master’s Thesis and looking for some new opportunities in the Australian job markets. My adventure in Down Under will continue and I’m excitedly waiting for the new challenges.

Remember to keep on surfing!