Global Perspectives       Local newspapers are often limited in their coverage of global events and perspectives. A wonderful alternate source is ‘Project Syndicate’, an NGO which is an association of newspapers around the world. Their weekly series ‘The World in Words’ aims to provide a breadth of commentaries influential ideas in politics, economics and societies. The benefit of the site is that it draws from commentators from developing and developed countries, East and West. Some recent commentators have included: Author Arundhati Roy, former US President Jimmy Carter, former Italian Prime Minister Guilano Amato, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former EU Commissioner Chris Patten, former US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld; Nobel Laureates Gary Becker and Nadine Gordimer; financier George Soros; and strategic thinkers such as Germany’s Christoph Bertram, France’s Gilles Andréani, former Vice Admiral of Japan‘s Defence Forces, Hideaki Kaneda, and the Egyptian dissident Saad Eddin Ibrahim.

What’s happening in Thailand?

It’s a challenging time in the Kingdom of Thailand. A stand off between the government and Peoples Alliance for Democracy has resulted in the declaration of a State of Emergency. Follow these links for more information and up-to-date travel advisories: