Global Mobility Training

Ensure your staff ‘hit the ground running’ with expatriate cross-cultural training

Relocating or working in another country isn’t always easy. Research shows that poorly managing staff relocations can impact productivity – and give rise to coping issues and attrition.

So how will your staff adjust and adapt, while staying professional and productive in their new workplace? Make the transition seamless with our in-depth expatriate cross-cultural training.

Our programs include pre-deployment briefings, workshops, online training, in-country coaching, and bespoke re-entry programs.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a deeper awareness of your own cultural values and norms – and how they compare to the host location.
  • Identify personal strategies for adjusting and adapting to the new culture.
  • Strategies for successful re-entry, and avoiding reverse culture shock.
  • Communicate better in your new location, so you experience fewer misunderstandings.
  • Identify shifts in attitudes, behaviour and values ¬– and how this can impact you personally and professionally.
  • Reduce the risk of misconduct or early return.
  • Avoid common pitfalls.

What this training covers

We can tailor our comprehensive suite of Global Mobility programs to your team – before, during and/or after relocation. Plus, we can add other industry-specific products to create a personalised pathway. All designed to help ensure a straightforward, successful move.

Your team will be equipped to navigate cultural differences in their host location. So they can avoid common pitfalls and hit the ground running on deployment – and you can reduce the risk of adjustment issues and early return.

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Clients & Results

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What our participants say

“The re-entry program allowed everyone to understand that what they were going through in returning from an overseas posting was normal, and it was reassuring to discover that others were experiencing the same issues.”

Participant, DFAT
“The insight into why and how Australians communicate the way they do in Asia and the self-adjustment required to be effective was really helpful. I will stop and think about my communication style as a result.”
Aidan Gregson, Dupont

‘Taking this course (pre-deployment) was very useful to stop and reflect on your own culture and behaviour and how it reflects/ interacts with others.  The frameworks and concepts to consider cultural difference were very helpful.”

Participant, Corporate Client