News from the team

A group of BI Team members went away together to Port Stephens to discuss all things intercultural and drink some wine and eat some food.  As we usually all work globally, virtually and spend a lot of times on planes, it was a wonderful opportunity to do the catching up and have the conversations you can only have over a shared meal.  It was a great chance to get to know our two newest team members Emma Kettle from Melbourne and John Fawcett from Auckland.  The meal started at 1pm and seemed to simply continue until 11…Highly recommended practice for Global Virtual Teams!

What we’ve been up to:

  • I spent some time working in Shanghai with Emily, and have been supporting our clients through consulting on issues of diversity, engagement and Asia strategy.
  • Ramona has been delivering ‘Doing Business in Asia’, numerous ‘Intercultural Essentials’ programs around Australia, ‘Values and Ethics in Diverse Contexts’ and ‘Intercultural Essentials: India’ programs.
  • Emma has been spending almost every week in Canberra for the past few months supporting our government clients, delivering ‘Intercultural Essentials’ and ‘Intercultural Essentials; Middle East’ programs and consulting on L&D for a global agency.
  • John has been delivering pre-departure programs for pre-postings to developing countries, and will be working in Honiara with local team members on ‘Effectively working with Australians’.
  • Tom Parker has been supporting clients who are engaging with China through the delivery of tailored training programs in Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney.  He’s also been delivering ‘Intercultural Essentials’, as well as working with a Chinese client.
  • Tim Hackett has recently joined the team and has been delivering ‘Intercultural Essentials: India’ programs around Australia for a corporate client who has been offshoring.
  • Joe Crumlin has been assisting BI negotiate an international contract, and lecturing in International Negotiation Skills at the Australian Graduate School of Management.
  • Sallie Beaumont has relocated to New York.
  • Emily has been managing all of us and keeping the show on the road! She also spent a couple of weeks in Australia.
  • Honey has been supporting the Thai government in international activities and went on study leave for four weeks in India exploring cultural issues, including time spent in Bhopal.