Catching up in India

Two members of the Beasley Intercultural team, Tamerlaine and Ramona had a fabulous week in India catching up with Melissa Butcher, talking about all things cultural and enjoying Holi in Delhi.

Melissa is a former team member at BI and now lecturing in globalisation studies at the Open University in London.

If you have been a participant in Melissa’s previous BI programs, here are some of her current publishing and academic research areas.

Promoting Asia Literacy in the National Curriculum

Tamerlaine has been an active participant in the National Curriculum forums, and a panel member at the History Consultation.

We believe Asia literacy is vital for the future prosperity of our nation and want to ensure industry has a say in the future national curriculum.

Support us in our input!

If you are interested in participating in the consultations, register on the site of the National Curriculum Board.  


Virtual Global Teams & Social Networking

Global and intercultural collaboration is now occurring in new and exciting ways.

To ensure we are up to date, we’ve been topping up our education in this area.

We attended a fabulous workshop led by Anne Bartlett-Bragg on online learning, and are now embarking on a new phase of twittering, delicious and wiki usage.

Follow us on twitter: @BIntercultural

Anne’s blog is a fascinating source of information regarding digital dialogues. Click here:


Safina’s film ‘The Good Man’

Safina Uberoi, one of our India cultural specialists is a leading filmmaker, highly acclaimed for her film ‘My Mother India’.

Safina has recently made an extraordinary documentary about the true story of a struggling Australian farmer, his quadriplegic wife, their new-born baby, and their plans to open a brothel in a small country town. The film debuted at the Adelaide film festival and will screen on ABC television later on this year.