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Asian and Australian workplace cultures

Country specific programs

Do you work remotely with people across Australia and the Asian region? Develop a deeper understanding of communication styles, workplace culture, and business expectations in different countries.

Our country-specific programs cover Australian workplace culture and beyond ­– including China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and the Philippines.

What you’ll learn

  • How people in different countries communicate at work.
  • Australian workplace culture, or country-specific cultures.
  • Attitudes towards respect and hierarchy.
  • Navigate cultural differences for success.
  • See how English is used in the workplace.

What this training covers

In this interactive training, learn how to understand what people are really saying. Also, gain tips for building rapport and relationships in specific countries.

Working With Australians is ideal if you are new to Australian workplace culture, part of a global team, or supporting a local business offshore.

If you work remotely with colleagues elsewhere in Asia, our country-specific training will break down barriers and ease fears and frustrations.

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You can take this training online now, or we can deliver it at your workplace – such as a short briefing for your executive team travelling to Asian markets.

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What our participants say

“The insight into why and how Australians communicate the way they do in Asia and the self-adjustment required to be effective was really helpful. I will stop and think about my communication style as a result.”
Aidan Gregson , Dupont